Is Kelly tire good? Check out the opinion of our experts!

What are the number one safety items in cars? If you thoughtabout tires , the answer is correct. These parts are essential to ensure thestability of the vehicle and have multiple functions, such as improvinghandling and making driving more comfortable. So, when changing them, you needto be very careful not to take the wrong product home.

Affordable prices are a big draw for consumers and somebrands offer this savings, but are they good quality products? Given thisdoubt, in this article we present information for you to decide if the Kelly Edge A/S Review is worth it. Check out!

What is the history of Kelly tires?

The Kelly tire is a second-rate product, that is, it ismanufactured by another brand - Goodyear - but found on shelves under adifferent name. How does it work? Also known as the “B series”, they are tirescreated and sold by traditional companies, which certify the quality of theproducts and offer with different nomenclature to sell them at lower prices.

It is, more or less, as if a brand decided to manufacture aline of clothes or shoes in the same place where it produces its originalproducts and to promote them among a different public, with less purchasingpower.

Therefore, second-line tires have similar quality to theoriginal, however they cost much less because the brands do not invest in themthe same types of efforts as in the traditional ones, such as long marketing campaigns and sponsorship of Formula 1 teams, for example.

Both tires serve specific categories of the market: the one that includes compact and small cars. Therefore, you will find on the shelves only measures between 165/70 R13 and 205/40 R17. Despite being produced in the same space and using the same technology as the original Goodyear products, not everything is identical.

Although these pieces have a lot in common, they fulfill different commitments. To achieve a more competitive price, Goodyear does not stop promoting Kelly to its distributors and in its advertising campaigns. It also makes distinctions in the production of items that make the product cheaper, see some below:

· Reduction of tire grooves, which means less durability for second-line items;

· Reuse of designs that are no longer used in your designer lines

· Less noble materials.

However, this does not mean that Kelly tires lack quality and safety. Like the originals, these products undergo field tests and are certified by In metro, since the “B series” tires also need to meet the same criteria as the most famous products.

What are the characteristics of Kelly tires?

Now that you know the origin of Kelly tires, it's time to talk about the particularities of this product and understand if it is the ideal one for your vehicle. Before being bought by Goodyear, Kelly Tires had been in the tire market for eighty years, focusing on the North American and European public. Knowing this is important because it gives us crucial information about the quality of the products.

The North American and European lands are quite different from the Brazilian. There are more climatic variations throughout the year, for example, and for that reason the tires need to be much more rigid and resistant than the national ones.